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Up and coming Bass pro brian new has been wacking the on wylie for a month now on the bee #2 color lady bug red silver water temp 44-48 degs and cold mudy  dont make any differents, pick it up , he has beaingt me at my on game several times and always asked did you through it, and like a dummy I didnt so yes he handed it to me in a CAT final with over 19 LBS blowing it a way

Bryan New has been on fire at Lake Wylie this Fall winning 2 of the 4 Qualifiers plus the Final this past Saturday on Lake Wylie. Bryan weighed in a limit at 19.22 lbs and also weighed the First Big Fish at 4.84 lbs. Kick in the BONUS $ and Bryan took home a total of $1,620.00. Bryan has been hitting pay dirt with Brians Bee B #2 and Blades of Glory made by Shane’s Baits. You can pick these money winning baits up at Lake Norman Bait & Tackle


2013 Season Recap with Bryan New SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 BY ETHAN DHUYVETTER  Bryan New had a very successful year on the FLW Tour as a co angler, finishing 12th in the Co Angler of the Year points race. We called him up to talk about his season and this is what he had to say. FTB: Bryan, you had an excellent year on the FLW Tour, finishing 12th in the COY race. What did you do to ensure a strong finish in all the tournaments? BN: First off, my strategy for all of my tournaments was to always catch as many fish as possible to start, and once I had my limit, I started to look for the kicker bites. I also made sure to stay confident and fish hard all day. It doesn’t matter if you catch your limit in the first 5 casts or the last 5, the biggest deal is to make sure you get those bites. FTB: What did you do to set yourself apart from other co anglers on tour? BN: I always pay attention to details on the water, and one in particular is angles. Hitting the right angle on a piece of cover can be key to hooking, and more importantly, landing the fish. Prefishing was very important to me as well, I always made sure to utilize my practice days as best I could by trying different baits and fishing hard all day. FTB: Looking back at this year, what would you have done differently? BN: In 2012′s Forrest Wood Cup, I broke off a couple key fish on a shaky head that I feel would have given me a shot at the victory. I was using braid with a fluorocarbon leader, and they both broke at the knot. Going into Beaver Lake, I decided to use straight fluorocarbon with my shaky heads. I feel that this was a mistake, as I ended up missing several important bites because I was not used to the straight fluorocarbon hooksets and feel. After this tournament, I went back to my braid and fluorocarbon leader, and I believe that is the right setup for me. I shouldn’t have ever changed to straight fluorocarbon. FTB: What did you learn from this year? BN: A technique I like to call Power-Finesse. I have used it before this year, but I really got dialed in on it throughout the course of this year. It is basically like finesse fishing yet with heavier weights to cover more water. For example, if I had a pro that was moving down the bank fast and I couldn’t properly work a 1/8oz shaky head, I would bump my weights up to 3/16, 1/4, and even 3/8 oz. at times to work my bait the way I felt necessary to get bit. FTB: What were some of your best-producing baits throughout this tournament season? BN: There were 3 standout baits for me this year- Charlie’s Worms Finesse Worm, Charlie’s Worms Zipper Dipper, and a Brian’s Bees Skinny Bee 2 (shown below).  Picture 003