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 All paints are hand mixed to produce a special blend of colors unseen to the human eye;  But testing by Brian's pro staff has produced dominant fish catching colors.  The colors are unlimited but here are a few of the most popular colors.  Brian will custom paint any color you desire.   He has painted over 200 colors and patterns.   Don't let color chart listed stop you.  You can call Brian or email the pattern you want.  He will paint your color they way you like

Note: you can also choose custom color under drop down menu at appropriate bait , then in shopping cart fill out special instructions to outline color you desire. Also See New Color Chart.

Page in construction adding Pictures as I can

Bubba Chartreuse

Winter Shad


Chartreuse Black

Golden Shinner


Natural Shad

Craw Brown

Crawdad Red

Clark Gabel

Tennshad Silver

Baby Bream

Crawl Red

     Spring crawl

     Crawl 2014

Old Timer



Oldtimer Chartreuse

Northern Perch

Ladybug Red

Ladybug Red

Hot Chocolate

  moon cricket

Bubba Chartreuse

Winter Shad

Water Snake

Chartreuse Black

Red Hot

Table Rock


Sexy Shad blue

Crawl Brown

Real Shad

Sexy Shad purple

VS3 Copper

Green pumpkin Crawl

Red Ear

Spring Crawl

Citris Plemmons Shad

Old Chartreuse Black
all chart no white

Yellow Perch

Old Bas

Big Boy

 Fire Tiger

Blue Pearl

Tenn Shad ilver

Tenn Shad reen

Alabama Shad


Purple Tiger

White Gabel
Brown Fire ger
Confused Prple


Gold gilt old craw brown

Eufaula Shad

Citrus LK
Lime Back

Fire Tiger

Blue Crawl

Blue Ghost


 Purple Ghost

Golden Shinner

American Shad

Royal Shad

Hot Tomalie
Taco Salad

Baby Bass
Tenn Shad Orange

Chart/Crawl Blue

Crawl Blue

Chart/Black Speck

Honey Bee

Chart/ Rootbeer

Bull Bream

Purple Fire Tiger

Blue Herring
Blue Herring
Old timer
Old Timer
Bleeding shad

Bleeding Shad

Old Chartreuse Black

Schell Cracker