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Home of the Designer and the First Flat side Prop Bait, The inventer of the Buzzing Bee the first buzzing crankbaits

Welcome to the site. This site is under construction please email me if the product you need, cant be ordered on line,

I know this update is long over due, I have been busy building baits, after many complaints I descided it was time to update.  I posted the site first online in 1992 with MS, Publisher. followed up with front page and here we are in 2014 with a new look!

Brianscrankbaits is a family run business, Brian Has been making fishing lures since the early 80s Brian Has a Associates degree in art and a BS in Mechanical engineering. So yes he is very technical, each bait has hours of research , form the drawing and weighting to the design and testing ,all baits are tested for a year before they are relished, each bait has its on personality.

 We are always updating the site, so F5 or refresh often . Our goal is to supply you with the same great baits that the pros are receiving.  There will also be a whole new variety of custom colors you won't believe.  Our custom hand made Crankbaits, Sqaure bills, Flatsides, Deep Diving and top water lures are custom made for the pro minded fishermen. These Crankbaits are made out of top quality balsa wood.  The one piece wire trees go through the entire bait to the line tie.  The bills are made out of micarta and won't break or pull out.

  The finish on the baits has been specially designed for my baits only.  However, the process of building them is still the same (hand made); so 'yes' they are all alike, but each one is different in its own little way. With the Bills being made out of micarta, they have the best ricochet action of any baits on the market.  These baits have already produced many checks in the F.L.W and B.A.S.S and are fished by many of the top pro's

All baits come standard with rattles. Price is subject to change without notice.   Baits will require tuning for Best results and tracking. Please see tuning page for instructions. Since they are so many different hook and sizing variations my baits are shipped without hooks. Please see hook chart for sizing. All my baits are hand made "one at a time" then painted, so please allow time for manufacturing and shipping.  All baits are warranted to be free of defects. Just call if you find or develop a problem with the bait. See information page for contacts

Setting the industries standards, In handmade, Hand Crafted hard baits. designer of the shad shaped prop bait, Others can only copy or follow with what's already marked as history. Just look on the shelf at the copies

Tune the Hand Made            

A crankbait can only work correctly if it is tuned properly. Under certain fishing extremes such as fishing heavy cover, bouncing the bait of the bottom or even fighting a fish, the crankbaits ability to run properly can be jeopardized. However, don't you worry as tuning my crankbaits is not a difficult task. However, it may be a two step process. 

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Brian New

Up and coming FLW Pro Brian New Wacks them on wylie on the Bee #2 (READ MORE)

Inside the Prop Bait

Here is the inside story, the design, with the pictulars of al the prop baits

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History Behind Brian's Bee's

Here’s a little more back ground on why my baits are manufactured in the way that they are and how the research has noticeably changed the manufacturing process of “ brianscrankbaits”. I have tried to meet as many of the actual needs for the fish to be attracted to my baits. From the lateral line vibes, to sight, to hearing and sound like the below information was compiled for your use. Brains Bees are truly hand made and hand sanded. Every step in the manufacturing process is intended to add to the effectiveness of my baits.


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